VR(virtual reality), one of 4 main lightspots on CES2016, has became one of the field attracting most investment and attention. International business tycoon have all started their plan in this filed, not only Samsung, HTC,Oculus but also Baofeng, Huawei and Xiaomi. Mass Vr game resources flooded out. All these indicate the approaching age of VR(virtual reality) products! To grasp the best chance, Shenzhen VRAR Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2015, the registered trademark is "VR CASE". It is a professional modern enterprise mainly in manufacturing and trading Virtual Reality (VR) products, R&D augmented reality (AR) technology. We focus on the research of virtual reality system and immersive VR products. From 2015, our VR CASE team has launched different immersive VR headset glasses and portable VR Phone Case. These products are favorable for those who experienced. The VR APP development and VR areas including: 3D VR Movie/television, VR Games, VR Tourism, Adult VR, VR UAV, Live VR and VR photographic equipment. Technical and focused, our company only do professional VR products, we only VR fever born! And we only VR fever born! Virtual or reality? Let’s just see the world in a another vision. Seize every possibility and ----be outstanding!
sincerely welcome you to join China's first professional R & D VR, AR products Fever team! Together we will create win-win future!

VR CASE brands of Longkese Technology Development Co., Ltd/ RGKNSE
RGKNSE is a professional high-tech enterprises mainly in R&D, designing, manufacturing and trading smart accessories and electronics. Reasonable product design and technology experience are our main advantage.? With own institutions specialized in high-tech R & D, products from RGKNSE are popular and practical. Our R&D team will re-design the products after thoroughly investigation of the similar market products and users’ feedback, to improve more creative, practical and cost-effective products. Following the technology trending allow consumers to indulge in the science and technology Time.

Our own patented products include: electronic integrated circuits, selfie stick, selfie flash light, VR glasses, VR Mobile Case , VR APP applications and intelligent robots etc.. An elite, young, high-quality and professional team in our company helps to simplify the complex trading progress. By cutting intermediate links, products with the least cost and fastest speed will be delivered to the consumers directly. At the lowest operating cost to create the maximum value of the profit and the best service delivery to the final consumer.

Now Longkese Technology Development Co., Ltd has own following brandsR-SIMRGKNSESAMSIMIblazricanay and VR CASE etc., we own hundreds of Patent and Trademark. Our products has the EU CE and ROHS certificates. In China mainland they also record under the Shenzhen market supervision Authority.We have product quality inspection report, the implementation of standards and legal compliance product. From 2003 our brand products has been approved by the clients in sales, function, quality and cos, after-sale service. Many foreign trade corporation like our products and cooperate with us too. Among our products, the selfie stick and smart flash light are now on the top of its field. In the future Longkese will keep leading us to develop better and more innovative products. We will continue to write a new chapter for win-win cooperation, let more and better products from China show on the world stage! Support VR CASE brand, support China! Believe VR CASE and Longkese, support Chinese and trust yourself! We can do better with your trust and support! Fighting China! Fighting VR CASE!

Head offcice web:http://www.lcose.com

Product web :http://www.vrcase.cn   http://www.vrcase.net

Company Name:Shenzhen VR AR Technology Co.,Ltd

Company head office

Longkese head office ( Room 3603 Floor 36F, SEG plaza, Huaqiang North,Futian District, Shenzhen )

Contact person: Mr.Wu


Nationwide service number:4008-925-118

Longkese Electronic manufacture Co.,Ltd

Address: Floor 1-2, Baoke Industrial park, Lianrun road,Gaofeng Community,Dalang street, Longhua district,Shenzhen,China

Experiencing Center

Vr products SEG Plaza 36A10A

Image product display:SEG Communication Market 3rd floor 3A08


Custmer service QQ:103169299

Address: Room 3603, Floor 36th, SEG plaza, Huaqiang North,Futian District, Shenzhen


SEG communication retail brand shops

Shop one: 3A08, Floor 3, SEG communication market, Huaqiang North
Contact person: Zhou Song
Tel/wechat: 13760185879

Shop two: 3A75, Floor 3, SEG communication market, Huaqiang North
Contact person: Zeng Xingwang, Fu Guilin
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Shop three: 2A02, Floor 2, SEG communication market, Huaqiang North
Contact person: Diao Yunhui
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Shop four: A207, Floor 2, SEG communication market, Huaqiang North
Contact person: Wu Xiaofen
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Shop five: Room 3A75,3rd Floor, SEG Communication Market,Road Huaqiang North,Futian District, Shenzhen
Contact: Guilin Fu
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Brand store , New Asia international electronic city, Yuexiu zone, Guangzhou :
1. Room 1F060B, 1st Floor, New Asia international electronic city.Xiti Road,Yuexiu zone, Guangzhou
2. Floor 2F132A, New Asia international electronic city
Contact: Xingwang Zeng
Tel: 13713946149

3. Room 1FB082, Xinwenyuan international electronic city, Road Xiti, Yuexiu Zone,Gunagzhou
Contact: Liu Di
Tel: 13316915921

SEG Kangle Building(Kangle International Communication Market) retail brand shops:
Shop one: 2A03, Floor 2, SEG Kangle communication market, Huaqiang North
Contact person: Huang Zhangming, Huang Suyan
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QQ: 185969023/99754121

Shop two: 4A02, Floor 4, SEG Kangle communication market, Huaqiang North
Contact person: Han Yansong
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The third store: Room 626, the 6th floor,SEG Kangle Building,Huaqiang North
Contact: Mr. Song; Mrs. Huang
Mobile and Wechat: 1382652552; 15818517280
QQ:412306480 1150845983

Longsheng Digital Accessories Market retail brand shop:
Store address: Room 1B12,1st Floor,Longsheng Mobile accessory Market,Huafa North Road,Futian District, Shenzhen
Contact person: Zhu Xiaoming
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2K98-99, Floor 2, Longsheng Digital Accessories Market, Huafa North Road
Contact person: Zhu Xiaoming
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Store address: Room 1C66A,1st Floor,Longsheng Mobile accessory Market,Huafa North Road,Futian District, Shenzhen
Contact: Gao feng
Tel: 18688835168


SEG Economic Building(north district of SEG communication market) retail brand shop:
2D60, Floor 2, SEG Economic Building(north district of SEG communication market), Huaqiang North
Contact person: Wu Dan
Tel/wechat: 13691763336

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