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Vr case agent joining conditions ( Longkese VR products only )

VR case with strong backup force

●Longkse CEO Wu Quming has 10 years experience in marketing and trend grasping of Huaqiang North hot products. Mr Wu, by himself, leads the products upgrading and transformation.He is known around the whole Huaqiang north, for his precision, accurate and decisiveness in marketing and operating.
●Longkese has proficient ability in foreign trading promotion, with over 200 trading company customers.
●Longkese has processional Alibaba operating team and hundreds of Tianmao, Jingdong customers
●Longkse has 6 sores in Huaqiang north golden market place, such as Tongxing maket, Longsheg market, International electronics market, Economy building and Feiyang market ( all are private image experiencing store)
●SEG 36F is the only VR experiencing center in Shenzhen, with free tea, wifi and meeting room available.
●With own factory of 2500 square meters, 5 manufacturing lines for strong assurance of supply capacity.
●The biggest trading company with domestic and foreign market, with 36th floor 1000 square meters supreme grade working environment.

VR case agent joining conditions

●Agent recruitment as following:
●Provincial agent ( one only each province)
●Online platform agent ( one only each platform -Tianmao,Jingdong,etc
●Electronic consumer market agent ( Two agents for each market)
Company soft power:
● With legal personality and lawful quality for business operation.( business license,tax registration certificate and organization registration certificate,company size and business model )
● With years of business experience and backgrounds and familiar with local market.
● With business entity, investment ability and good integrity.
● With lead ship spirit,enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, devotion and dedication.
● Familiar with and confident in Longkese developing potential. Consent with Longkese business idea and development thought
● Fully understand and prepare for the risk and return of investment. With positive energy and ensuring hardship.
● With distribution network and channels; with own basic sales team; with stable storehouse, basic delivery and management ability; understand the marketing of consumer electronic filed; Able to adapt to the quick upgrading of electronic products; Accept the leading of Longkese
● With dream and confidence to develop a complete& efficient distribution and management system; with common sense to seek common development.
Hard power:
●Agent Joining deposit: RMB 200,000( Promise to return 1 year after the contract ; Joining deposit will be increased to RMB 500,000 for later upgrading VR new products)
●Observe Longkse price control system
●Decorate store in accordance with longkese style and keep mutual image
●With basic sales ability ( 2 months limit for assessment, monthly sales must reach 10000pcs or above within this 2 months)
●One VR product category, no other brand or design VR products is permitted. .
●Confidentiality agreement is requested, forbidding leak of any inner business secrets, price and new products.


Preferential policy and assurance for our agents

●Periodical price advantages, with 10% to 20% profit comparing to market price
●Goods supply prior to the agents ( On the condition of market goods shortage, agent will be with supreme right for order arrangement and goods supply)
●Agent will be with priority notice of new products, to arrange marketing preparations? and grasp business chance in advance so as to develop with Longkese together.
●Agent will be authorized relative patent, brand and products certification. Consumers will be more confident and optimistic in mutual developing potential.
●Agent information will be released on official web. Agent local market can get goods from relative agent.
●Get the first hand news of newest products, to share the business chance with longkese.
●Longkese founder will instruct agents directly on their business start and marketing skills..
●Longkse agent can be listed on longkse factory and use relative promotion files, namecard ( can directly use longkese promotion pictures and files of VR products)
●If no obstruction of contract, the agent joining deposit will be returned on expiration and no renewing of the contract.


Agent joining process:

1、Consult phone and online contact are available to agent appliers for more products details;
2、Agent appliers come to Longkese head office, image store, experiencing center and factory to do project inspection;
3、Agent applier can contact and meet with the company sales directly for further understanding of company products;
4、Agent appliers fill in the joining application to confirm agent joining;
5、Longkese company check the qualification of the investment and make final choice according to applying time order and comprehensive ability of the investment;
6、Both parties confirm well with every aspects of joining affairs, then contract can be assigned;
7、Agent joining process passed, appliers pay for the performance security deposit. Longkese company arrange orders for agent and confirm lead time accordingly;
8、Agents start to establish local distribution system,with legal business certificate and lawful business operation;
9、According to agent order reqeusts, Longkese company give priotity to agents’ goods supply and tracking. Be open and clear to agent for manufacturing state.




Franchise agreements

Longkese VR products agent-distributing project cooperation agreement

Party A: Shenzhen VR AR technology Co.,Ltd.

Legal Representatives

Representatives ID number

Party B:

Legal Representatives:

Representatives ID number:

Supplier( named Party A below):

Demander( Named Party B below)

1:Party A authorizes party B as distributor of “VR CASE”brand series products.
2:On the principle of sincere cooperation, mutual benefit,win-win market,? Party A and party B, after friendly negotiation,reached following agreements on selling affairs about channels and E-business of VR products:

  1. the rights and obligations of both Parties
  2. Party B has right to know the release time and market price. Party A has the responsibility to meet requirements of Party B within the maximum limit.
  3. Party B should pay Party A franchise security fee RMB 200,000. Within the term of agreement, if Party B violates the contract, Party A keep the right to retain relative franchise fee amount and release it on official web. Part A should return all the franchise fee to Part B if party B does not have any obstruction on the expiration of agreement.
  4. Party A keeps the right to adjust offline wholesale price,E-business wholesale price and unified retail price. Party A should inform party B of the price adjustment in written form. Party B should sell at the layer price stipulated by Party A.
  5. Party B has the responsibility to provide monthly stock list to Party A and Party B should not set price freely. All loss caused by price adjustment of Part B should be taken by Party B. Both Parties have rights to supervise mutual selling price. If any Party sells at a price lower than the stipulated price, evidence confirmed, it should pay to another Liquidated damages, RMB 300,000, the second time breach double the penalty amount( the first violation pay default RMB 300,000; the second time violation default RMB 600,000 requested; third time default RMB 900,000, if over third time, Party A has right to terminate mutual cooperation, and detain franchise fee RMB 200,000.
  6. Party A should take the economic loss to consumers caused by its products quality problem.
  7. In the image store, Party B should only sell the products of Party A, with no right to sell other VR products, less than copy version. If party B betray the contract, Party B should pay to Party A, RMB 500,000, twice breach double penalty amount, over third times, Party A has right to terminate the agreement and mutual cooperation in advance.
  8. Party A help Party B choose the image store place ( except for those already with physical store and online store). Party B take the rent by itself once got audition and confirmation of Party A. Store decoration style and requirement should be in accordance with the plan provided by Part A and checked by Party A once completed. Decoration cost is on the Party B to take. Training of store assistant and products information are provided by Party A. Party A should remain relative profits for Party B. Party A fully meet part A,in customers’ request for factory inspection for OEM & ODM. Without permission of Party B, Party A has no right to accept customers of Party B. With dull understanding of the circumstance, if Party A personally quote at lower price than the stipulated price to customers of Party B, party A should pay default based on rate of 200% of total order amount( On the condition of same stipulated price, decision is under the customers’ choice)
  9. Party B is the only legal distributing agent for VR brand products in regulated zone. Party A should publish on its official web and every selling channel that Party B is the relative zone agent and contacts. Selling price within the distributing zone ( Within Shenzhen market, including Huaqiang North) should not be lower than that of the third party(Both parties should not sell at a price lower than the unified layer price stipulated). If any party betray the contract, it should pay to another party liquidated damage RMB500,000, twice breach double penalty amount, over third times, Party A has right to terminate the agreement and mutual cooperation in advance.
  10. If intellectual property disputes or brand disputes encountered when Party B sell products of Party A, Party A keep the right of final explanation. Both Parties should consult and confront together. Party A should provide Party B relative intellectual property authorization and products certification, including authorization of products brand , appearance, invention and utility patent,a s well as products test report. Online selling of the products from party A , Party B should observe the layer price set by Party A, which will be preserved and restricted per the conditions listed above from the 1st to the 7th. Party A authorize Party B same image store selling rights on online platform. Party B should observe the regulations and products-release time stipulated by Party A. Party B should not disturb platform image and selling price of Party A. If any violation, Liquidated damage will be based on above 3rd penalty conditions.
  11. Party B should negotiate with Part A for lead time for each order, if any change, updated news should be informed to both Parties and arranged goods delivery appropriately.Party A should take liquidated damages assigned by Party B to its customers if Party A fails to ship out the goods by the time stipulated on contract. If time for goods arrangement delays too long, Party B can negotiate with Party A for compensation.
  1. terms of payment and settlement
  2. Payment terms: Daily balance ( 30% deposit first and 70% balance before shipping); Payment terms: Bank transfer, Company account transfer.
  3. During contract validity period, if material price fluctuation encountered, products price is based on notice of Party A, for order cost adjustment settlement. Adjustment should be operated based on facts after negotiating with Party B in advance.
  4. In the term of contract validity, Adjusted price by Party A, based on market fluctuation is the price principle to observe.

4、Party A make daily brand promotion and ensure service quality. Party A have right to supervise and check service quality of Party B, as well as operate relative assessment penalty measures,etc.

  1. 、Freight and shipping cost

1、Shipping cost: Party A should take the cost to Shenzhen Image store, if exceed Huaqiang Noth, shipping cost is taken by the customers after negotiation between agent and its distributors.

  1. 、Returned goods handling
  2. Both Party A and Party B do not accept returning of artificially damaged goods. If defective products confirmed to be true, there’s no reason to deny goods replacement.
  3. 、After-sale service

If artificially damaged, service cost is charged for repairing , shipping cost and parts cost.If really defective products,after-sale is on the part of Party A to take.

  1. Cooperative principle
  2. Party B should maintain and promise not to damage the image of products, VR CASE, VR glasses,etc. Observe warranty based on principle of “repairing, replacement and returning of defective goods”.
  3. If Party A fund Party B selling copy or infringing products of VR CASE, VR GLASSES , Party A has right to terminate agreement unilaterally and claim liquidated damages from Party A.
  4. Market price control management regulations
  5. Without permission of Party A, Party A has right to terminate contract with those releasing price lower than regulated price, and take back all authorization, products online link, stop all backup support and goods supply, cancel cooperative qualification and release this on online platform,claim compensation for other invisible loss.
  6. If fund disturbing market price on any platform, Party B should pay penalty RMB 500,000, twice repeating RMB 20,000 penalty fee added, the third time, liquidated damages 150,000 claimed and cooperative qualification canceled.
  7. If fund disturbing market price at first time, Party B should pay penalty RMB 500,000, twice repeating RMB 20,000 penalty fee added, the third time, liquidated damages RMB 150,000 claimed and cooperative qualification of Party B canceled.
  8. :Confidential agreement
  9. Both Parties have the responsibility to keep confidential for mutual cooperation( including price) and agreement details. Without written permission, any Party should not leak the mutual cooperation and agreement details to the third Party.
  10. Party B should accept the supervision and management of Party A and should maintain reputation of Party A consciously. Party B should keep Party A informed timely of the possible defectiveness of its products and feedback from customers.
  11. Party A release product developing direction and new product marketing paln. Party B should not leak or even steal this business secret to start its own business alone. Any business loss caused by above situations, which is evidently confirmed, Party A has right to cancel the agent qualification and detain its agent joining deposit RMB 200,000. Party A has right to claim compensation from Party B based on the fact of Party B leaking developing strategy and business secret of Party A, and sue to Shenzhen intermediate People’s court for arbitration. If criminal responsibility related, Party A has right to claim Party B of criminal legal liability.
  12. :Others
  13. Validity for cooperative agreement lasts for one year. On the expiration of the agreement, two parties decide to renew or terminate the agreement.This agreement is made in two copies,with same legal effect, each party holding one copy. This agreement shall go to effect from the date signed by both parties.
  14. This agreement includes all confirmation between 2 Parties. It can replace any oral or written protocol. It can restrict and assure mutual benefit. Without permission for both Parties, no modification in any way is allowed.Without written permission, both Parties have no right to transfer whole and part of the agreement.
  15. On the expiration of agreement, if Party B don’t have any violation of agreement, Party A return whole franchise fee RMB 200,000.
  16. Matters not mentioned in the agreement, both sides should negotiate on the basis of equality, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation.If the negotiation fails, the disputes can be submitted to shenzhen arbitration commission by any Party.
  17. Other issues of this agreement not mentioned, Both Parties should negotiate cooperatively.

Party A: Shenzhen VR AR Technology Co., Ltd                Party A:

Address:                                                                          Address:

Representative:                                                                 Representative: 

Legal representative:                                                         Legal representative:

Telephone:                                                                       Telephone:

Fax:                                                                                 Fax:

Bank Account No.:                                                          Bank Account No.:

Year   Month    Day                                                          Date:


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