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Ultra clear VR case RK6th ( challenging all-in-one VR Super clear VR 6th ) hits the market !

1. super clear 130° wide visual angle pure glass lens ( not usual resin lens with low light transmittence ),2. similarly all-in-one control system, brand new portable combination remote control design,3. Brand new patented mobile phone clip, fit for all mobile phone, free from pressing of mobile phone function key button,4. Especially designed for myopic and adult users,5. Easy manipulation. One-button to regulate pupil and focal distance. Front cover equipped with lock-up function, which holds the phone steadily and using safely. 6. Professional head-mounted and imported eye pad, can provide more comfortable experience after prolonged viewing.

Challenge all-in-one sets. Subvert VR industry. Integrate multiple design patents—VR Case RK6th is coming soon! STAY TUNED!

VR Case 6th (the sixth generation) is about to unveil. Subverting VR industry, challenging all-in-one VR, it’s the unbeatable jet fighter in VR boxes at the present market. Customers enjoy the quality guarantee and price protection. For the unstable price fluctuation of authentic products, our company provides the service of recycling inventory to ensure customers’ benefits without stock risk.

VR case anniversary celebration came to a fully successful end

Low cost version VR case mini C is coming to the market shockingly

CASE VR first anniversary

Shenzhen Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015 to set up a "CASE VR" brand has been growing for the first year! VR case has become VR leader brand foreign hot explosion models of high-quality innovation leader, the new VR case team burst funds continues to lead the VR industry development new trend, and write a brilliant new VR industry! Define the new height of VR, CASE VR in this year to grow in gratitude to have you, I hereby anniversary feedback activities. Professional focus on the CASE VR only for a more professional VR products, VR fever and health!

Long guest color and storm mirror comprehensive cooperation

Software fully supports VRCASE game handle and 360 degree panoramic video, 3D movies, 3D games

VR CASE virtual reality glasses fly screen how to use the function

With 3D digital virtual reality glasses on the market is getting hot, it features constantly being developed, in addition to well-known watch movies and play 3D stereoscopic games outside, it also has what function?Now most people do not know, here you have to say about it fly screen function: fly screen feature is the use of 3D glasses can be viewed directly in the presence of a large number of computer HD movie sources, do not download, get rid of the underlying computer bondage, experience an unprecedented viewing pleasure. This feature addresses the sources (especially the 3D film source) file is too large to be copied on the phone memory problem.

When playing the game VR how to reduce vertigo? You need to pay attention to these points!

Virtual Reality heat simply can not stop. Currently, it is worth attention is the presence of "wearing" in virtual reality devices, allowing users to easily produce a series of discomfort, such as: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, dehydration, weakness. Now we are trying to have largely overcome by the hardware due to motion sickness, such as high-speed processor, so that the screen refresh rate of up to 90 times per second or more, and so on means. Even so, the players in the game can not be avoided or discomfort.

VR CASE Watch tutorial network resources tray

With the launch of Baidu network disk, many of my friends are now no longer growing download large video files, but the video file into the network disk, network disk function through direct play. Household broadband access bandwidth escalating, we have been able to watch a very convenient resource network on a disc by IPAD, mobile phones and even TV. So today Xiaobian teach you how to view network resources through VR disk in the phone box. Here to introduce ES file browser, MX PLAYERRO, SBSVideoPlayer three-piece implementation.

IOS games recommended 20 "offshore mine (Offshore VR)"

You will start flying a helicopter in the sea journey to offshore oil platforms. Once landed, you can explore the entire oil platform. In this oil platform players you can not only see the sea, but also to experience the feeling of helicopter yo!

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