Product Parameter——RK-GAME 9th super strong compatible game controller RKGAME 9th

Foreign crowdfunding touch-screen mobile phone tablet game controller set, do not limit the use of touch-screen game controllers due to the function of eating chicken games, in fact, it can not only eat chicken, in fact, you can eat other!

It is specially designed for the touch-screen games other than eating chicken. Don't limit the use of the touch-screen game controller due to the function of PUBG games. In fact, it can not only play PUBG game, but actually support other games and all kinds of APP domestic. The game is super easy to use~~

everybody knows

PUBG handles is only exclusive to domestic PUBG game.


"The world is so big~~ You use it only for PUBG~~~" Request news handle for other games?

. . .

The highly compatible RK-GAME 9th comes! It is specially designed forvarious APP touch screen games, value suits! Unbeliveable low price! Quality ensured !

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